Mansion Avenue Outfall Mofifications

Atlantic City, NJ

The Atlantic City Boardwalk Redevelopment Corporation (ACBRC) required storm water management improvements to alleviate and mitigate flooding in a highly developed area just off Mansion Avenue in Atlantic City, Atlantic County, NJ. The site is bounded by Pacific Avenue, the Boardwalk, former Presbyterian Avenue, and South Carolina Avenue. During storm events with high tides and heavy rainfall, the inadequacy of the current municipal storm water system causes flooding in the area and water damage to public infrastructure and properties in the drainage area. To mitigate this situation, a new public storm water system was installed at the location to control and manage storm water runoff. The drainage system improvements included a pump station at the Boardwalk and Resorts International Hotel and Casino, replacement and extension of the existing storm water outfall pipe at this location, and a transformer/generator at the Boardwalk about 300 feet west of the Casino. The pump system is designed to pressurize the outfall pipes during high tide and high rainfall events ensuring that runoff from the drainage area is pumped to the ocean.