Beach Erosion Control Project, Contract 2

Deal to Elberon, NJ

The overall project that Agate Construction is working as subcontractor to Manson Construction consists of initial construction of new beach as shore protection through the towns of Deal and Elberon, NJ. In addition to the beachfill that Manson Construction is installing, Agate is constructing storm water outfalls, stone filled scour holes, intake pump structures, and modifying existing jetties and groins to facilitate the shore protection project. Included in these features is the construction of the largest capacity outfall structure located on the shoreline of New Jersey that will facilitate the transfer of the Poplar Brook to the Atlantic Ocean below the beachfill construction.

The storm water outfalls are extensions of existing structures as much as 940 linear feet out into the Atlantic Ocean that are required to transfer the local runoff seaward of the new beach construction. The intake pumping system is being constructed for Elberon Beach Club in order to provide clean ocean water for their pool facilities along with combined outfall system to handle drainage of these facilities. Jetty and groin construction consist of groin notching to allow for the sediment transport between existing hard features along with the removal of existing jetty rock to facilitate overall shore protection system. This project marks the initial construction of beach along this section of New Jersey’s coast and is an integral part of the overall Superstorm Sandy Recovery Program.