Hereford Inlet Stonewall Repair

North Wildwood, NJ

The US Army Corps of Engineers Philadelphia District issued the construction Contract W912BU20C0006 Hereford Inlet Stone Seawall Repair - North Wildwood, New Jersey to Agate Construction Co., Inc. in January 2020. The scope of work for the contract includes the repair and reconstruction of approximately 500 linear feet of seawall along the Hereford Inlet consisting of the Placement of Articulated Concrete Block (ACB) Mattresses (50,000 SF), the Placement of Stone Fill (25,000 tons), the Placement of New Capstone (1,500 tons), the Re-handling of Existing Capstone (2,500 tons), and the Replacement of Existing Concrete Walkway (8,700 SF). Due to challenging site access issues, approximately 75% of the work will be completed utilizing water-borne operations.