Variable Messaging Signs

Solar Tech VMS Board - $13,000

Variable Message Sign (VMS) by Solar Tech. Works great, can be mounted on a hitch mount ant towed where needed. Uses solar panels to keep the battery charged.

Make: Solar Tech
Model: Silent Messenger
Hitch Type: Pintle
Modes: Touch Screen

  • _P0A6424
  • _P0A6425
  • _P0A6426
  • _P0A6427
  • _P0A6428
  • _P0A6429
  • _P0A6430
  • _P0A6431
  • _P0A6432
  • _P0A6433
  • _P0A6434

Solar Arrow Board - $2,000

In good condition, ready for work. All maintenance done periodically. Board has an on board generator, NAPA 2/10 Amp, 12V.

Make: Protect-O-Flash
Model: M90-SA
Modes: 5
Function Button: Yes
Intensity Button: No
On-board Generator: Yes

  • _P0A6565
  • _P0A6571
  • _P0A6572
  • _P0A6573